A product for the treatment of chronic wounds wins the everis 2016 Award worth 60,000 euros

A product for the treatment of chronic wounds wins the everis 2016 Award worth 60,000 euros

The everis foundation has awarded the everis 2016 Award to Exogenus Therapeutics, a Portuguese biotechnology company focused on the pre-clinical and clinical development of cell therapies applied to regenerative medicine. The company is also developing its first product, Exo-Wound, for the treatment of chronic wounds, which affect more than 75 million people worldwide, of whom 70% cannot be cured with standard care.

The award includes an amount of 60,000 euros for the winning project, as well as an advisory service valued at 10,000 euros provided by i-deals, everis’ technological broker.

Exogenus Therapeutics, which competed in the Biotechnology and Health category, is made up of a team of Portuguese entrepreneurs, which drives the international vocation of the Awards. In this fifteenth edition, more than 600 projects were submitted from 10 countries, most notably Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, and the winning projects from the local contest in Argentina, Colombia and Italy went into the semi-final. For the first time in the history of the Awards, a project from Latin America (Argentina) entered the final.

Meanwhile, the jury unanimously decided to grant a second prize of €20,000 to the Galician project Situm, an interior location platform for smartphones with high accuracy and very small redeployment costs, which has enabled it to be installed in 25 hospitals and public health centres. The start-up competed in the “New business models in the Digital Economy” category.

The jury, chaired by Eugenio Galdón, Chairman of the everis foundation included Alberto Alarcón, Ángel Santos, Bruno Fernández Scrimieri, Carlos Emilio Gómez, Julio Orlando de Castro, Luigi Borrelli, Miguel Ángel Alario y Franco, Montserrat Mateos and Paulina Beato.

Luisa Marques, Exogenus Therapeutics director of operations, said that “chronic wounds remain a major problem, and other underlying aspects such as aging, obesity and diabetes tend to increase them. There are solutions, such as the one we have proposed, that can help solve these problems and from which the whole society could benefit.”

In the words of Eugenio Galdón, Chairman of the everis foundation, “the winners this year have succeeded in making the complex simple, encapsulating technology in an affordable format for the benefit of all society.” He concluded by saying that “the great power of the foundation is what we are willing to do for others, such as 2,300 hours dedicated to volunteer activities this year.”

Tony Seba’s participation in everis’ 20-year history

Fernando Francés, Chairman of everis, inaugurated a ceremony which also commemorated the 20th anniversary of the company, which was also attended by Tony Seba, a renowned international lecturer, serial entrepreneur and educator with over 20 years’ experience working with high-tech companies and fast-growing clean technologies. Tony offered attendees a presentation entitled “Disruptive Energy – why energy and transport will become obsolete in 2030.” In his presentation, Seba stressed that “there are three disruptions that are about to come together and that will revolutionise the market: transport, energy efficiency and management by computer.”