The Passle Session ‘Masterclass’

The Passle Session ‘Masterclass’

The Passle Sessions ‘Masterclass’ took off today with a bang.

Attendees were taught ten tips to become a LinkedIn Superhero and how to build their personal brand. At everis, we’re passionate about growing and developing especially where our online presence is concerned. We are all about evolving and developing the characteristics of the most successful thought leaders and sharing the amazing work we do here on all our social media platforms, particularly ‘LinkedIn’. We need to hypothetically ‘shout’ about who we are and what we are doing and get our ‘voice’ heard. And we can do this by utilising social media tools effectively, sharing and collaborating on content.

As highlighted by David Costa, the entire everis team all have a part to play. The authors need to produce that ‘incredible’ content that’s going to get us noticed, and the rest of us need to share that content effectively.

Key takeaways from the guys Freddy and David at Passle were ‘building an online presence, nurturing key relationships, becoming a knowledge source and adopting the authority of others.

There was a huge emphasis on ‘the power of reciprocity’ and being ‘consistent’.

If you want to know more about Passle click here and take the time to check out our insights Passle page, and stay glued for the next session. You won’t want to miss it!

Thank you to all those who did attend, if you forgot to RSVP, please confirm your attendance by dropping an email to