JP Morgan Race 2018

JP Morgan Race 2018

Let’s get race ready.

It’s that time of the year again. Spring has finally arrived.

So it’s time to climb out of ‘hibernation’, dust off your running gear, grab those gym shoes and get race ready! We are gearing up towards the J.P Corporate Challenge.

The race is a great platform for us to discuss and promote general health and fitness within events, as well as a chance to foster camaraderie, fun, and goodwill amongst colleagues. The race will take place on Wednesday 4th July and Thursday 5th July 2018, at Battersea Park.

Our beautiful posters are up and we even have our wonderful ‘miniature athletic race tracks’ to inspire you all. However, despite all this motivation, running a 5.6k race can be quite daunting especially if you’ve been part of the ‘couch potato’ club for a while.

Well, never fear there’s still plenty of time to get ‘race ready’ and hand in that ‘couch potato’ membership card. Here are our ‘surefire’ tips to get you prepared.

1) It’s all in the mind – staying positive and believing that ‘u can’, makes all the difference. Having the right attitude, to begin with definitely leads to success.

2) Take the first step – Start slow and steady, and build yourself up. Going further each time. There is a multitude of apps, and you could join a running club in your area or even run with a colleague.

3) Incorporate strength training – Include a total body strength training routine, exercises such as squats, jump squats, plank, burpees, one-legged heel raises. These all build up the tendons, muscles and core strength, (please consult medical advice if you have any pre-existing medical issues before attempting any of these).

4) Explore your surroundings – You’d be surprised at the many free scenic routes, that are suitable for training in and around your local area. This could be a local park, athletic running track or even a field (remember to stay safe and alert at all times).

5) Follow a training plan – This will help you to pace yourself, and find out what running style suits you best. Training plans are available here.

Now you’re feeling inspired why not revolutionize your fitness routine. Or go one step further and register for the J.P Morgan race.