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Transforming to an efficient data-driven public sector

Technological and regulatory advances have driven the modernisation of public administrations, improving service quality and efficiency, as well as effectiveness in the use of resources.

Many challenges still lie ahead for governments to progress this transformation to a more open, transparent and citizen-oriented digital government. Real examples of a digital administration are surfacing, using technological innovations such as the IoT, Big Data, analytics and mobility solutions. This ensures that revenue and taxation management, public procurement, emergency management, judicial processes and the provision of health services, which currently consume many admin resources for both government and citizens, can be fast, efficient and agile.


  • Digital Government
  • everismart
  • Health & Social Welfare
  • Justice
  • Taxes
  • Emergency & Disasters
  • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Government Data Analytics
  • Customers & Facilitating Trade

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Sergi Biosca

Sergi Biosca

Europe Head

Director of Public Sector at everis Catalonia since 2008. Sergi has held many positions within everis since joining as a consultant in 1999. He ran Telecom in Mexico and during the last few years he has been in charge of Public Sector in Catalonia, supporting government agencies to modernise procedures.