everisconsultancy Ltd Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

everisconsultancy Ltd Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

“Being everis a talent-driven organisation, our people and their skills are the best asset we can offer to any community. We strongly believe in diversity and inclusion as a strategy to find and retain the best talent.

As a global company we work in many different countries, taking advantage of the cultural differences and trying to find the best place for everyone, regardless of gender, age, race, cultural background or sexual orientation. This diverse workforce enables us to create a work environment where everyone can find their own path to grow.

We therefore welcome the new UK legislation that includes the requirement to UK employers with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap every year. This will help us to keep an eye on the necessary measures to achieve a well-balanced workforce in terms of gender.”

 – Jaime Fernandez – HR Director


“everis is an organisation that it is eager to work towards creating an inclusive and diverse work environment where our employees can accomplish their full potential in terms of personal and professional growth.   

We will continue to work towards increasing the female and ethnicity minority representation within our organisation not only at the senior levels but a lower levels to create the opportunity of career progression within the organisation.

To show how committed we are, an inclusion and diversity opco group has been created at the CEO request to work toward initiatives that will close this gap and position us in the market as the company of choice.

We intend to get senior members on board to drive and be ambassadors of inclusion and diversity initiatives through everything we do.”

 – Romualda Gomes – Head of labour & Compensation


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everis consultancy Gender Pay Gap Report 2018