everis revenue grows up to 20% to 816 million euros, and EBITDA increases to 74.3 million euros, 42% more than the year before

everis revenue grows up to 20% to 816 million euros, and EBITDA increases to 74.3 million euros, 42% more than the year before

everis has reported an increase in revenue of 20% with regard to last year, to reach a turnover of 816 million euros for this last financial year (April 1ST 2015 to March 31ST 2016) and an EBITDA of 74.3 million euros, 42% more than the previous year.

everis, with a presence in 6 European countries (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and United Kingdom) and 7 in the Americas (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and United States) has close to 16,000 employees and is part of the multi-national group NTT DATA, one of the principal IT services companies in the world.

Europe: growth in all countries

Europe is the main market of everis, where it has reported a turnover of 596 million euros. Geographically, the United Kingdom and Belgium are the two countries where everis has experienced most growth; in the case of the United Kingdom from 13 to 26 million euros and in Belgium and Luxembourg from 32 to almost 39 million euros, this increase being due in particular to projects carried out with the EU Commission and other international institutions.

Spain grew 19% to 474 million euros, and the Italian and Portuguese markets also saw improved their results over the previous year. Italy increased revenues by more than 13% (to reach 39 million euros), while Portugal grew almost 11% (to exceed 19 million euros).

The Americas: consolidation, and the impact of the exchange rate in Latin America

In Latin America and the United States everis has reached a turnover of 219 million euros, with two-digit consolidated growth, despite the negative impact (approximately 30%) of the exchange rate of all currencies.

The United States reported the biggest growth (56.5%), followed by Peru (42.5%) and Argentina (35.3%). Brazil and Mexico continued to be the biggest markets with revenues of 50 and almost 40 million respectively, followed by Colombian and Chile, where some years ago everis opened its very first office outside Spain.

Forecasts for this financial year

With regard to the financial forecasts for the next financial year, everis is confident of continuing to report double-digit growth, and will continue to be one of the main job generators for young, talented and qualified individuals in the countries where it operates.

The company expects to increase its volume of contracts with large multi-nationals, strengthen the alliance eco-system with the main players in the market, consolidate its big data, mobility, Internet of Things and cloud services lines of business, and take on large projects involving digital, incremental and disruptive transformation using exponential technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, etc.