everis and Microsoft sign an agreement to drive Azure technology solutions

everis and Microsoft sign an agreement to drive Azure technology solutions

everis and Microsoft have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to drive Azure technology solutions, the cloud platform from Microsoft. Azure, which is currently signing up 120,000 new subscribers per month, facilitates the growth and digital transformation of companies by providing them with a technological base and market-leading services, while guaranteeing security and standards compliance across all business operations.

This Alliance includes significant investment and the employment of specialist resources on the part of both companies, so they can integrate the business solutions of the consultancy with the technology services of Microsoft cloud. Furthermore, everis will implement Azure internally by migrating its IT infrastructure onto the Microsoft cloud. As part of this process, the consultancy is working on the complete transition of all its back office processes, and on the change from SAP to the new S/4 HANA solution in Azure. This development will mean everis achieves more flexibility and efficiency in its process, as well as an increase in profitability.

The agreement will also allow everis Data & Analytics solutions to be integrated with Microsoft cloud technology, the aim being to strengthen synergies between both companies in the area of developing cognitive solutions on the everisMoriarty platform.

According to Vicente Olmos, the everis Enterprise & Cloud Solutions partner, “this alliance demonstrates the capacity of Microsoft to supply cloud services using an open and flexible platform, as well as the knowledge in everis of the business needs of big business in the area of digital transformation. The combination of these two factors will provide the client with a wide range of tools and technological functionalities which will facilitate more efficiency in their business processes at a lower cost.”

In the words of José Bonnin, Director of the Microsoft Cloud & Enterprise Business Unit: “We created Azure, our cloud platform, in order to support the digital transformation of all types of business. Our strategy is to facilitate innovation and agility, as well as provide advanced analytics and intelligence solutions while complying with the strictest local and international security standards and certifications. Thanks to this alliance, we compliment the specialist knowledge of everis in the main business sectors with the most advanced technology”.

AMLAD and ehCOS, solutions supported by Azure

The aim of the consultancy over the next months is to migrate its own assets onto Azure. There are currently two products currently supported by the Microsoft cloud: AMLAD (Advanced Museum Library Archives Deposit) – the solution developed by NTT DATA for digitalising, conserving and publishing archives, and ehCOS – the suite of eHealth solutions developed by everis.

This agreement ensures that everis continues to be a pioneer in the development of cloud solutions for business sectors such as industry, the public sector, banking and insurance. Apart from adding value to the market, its experience in the cloud solutions will continue to provide clients with scalability and flexibility in their systems, the immediate supply of services, shared and efficient use of resources, and facilities for managing their IT assets.