The everis City Talent Index evaluates and ranks the attractiveness of 25 cities in Europe for attracting, retaining and developing talent

The everis City Talent Index evaluates and ranks the attractiveness of 25 cities in Europe for attracting, retaining and developing talent

everis, in collaboration with Barcelona Global, has published the everis City Talent Index, an index that evaluates the ability of cities across Europe to generate, attract, develop and retain talent. The index, which includes capital and non-capital cities across the continent, positions Madrid and Barcelona in the top 20 of the classification, for which 64 different indicators are rated, divided into five categories (Education, Lifestyle, Business excellence, Research, Innovation and Social Impact, Economics and Public Policy) from recognised public and private sources, including Eurostat, the World Bank, the OECD and the Fortune 500.

The analysis shows which cities provide the best ecosystems for training, professional development and employment opportunities, serving as a guide to businesses, students, workers and other stakeholders. In the future, the ranking will continue to examine these criteria to provide an updated evaluation of the attraction points of all cities.
Madrid and Barcelona stand out for their business networking and educational opportunities

In the overall calculation of the classification, Madrid took 17th place. The indicator in which the Spanish capital is most distinguished is the quality of its business network, positioned at third place in Europe. The everis City Talent Index positions Madrid as an ideal place for establishing a network of contacts based on, among other indicators, productivity and activity of the companies present in the city, as well as the number of events that the capital will host throughout the year. The Spanish city is also distinguished in the education sector for its postgraduate opportunities, ranking fourth in the overall index, and in twelfth position in terms of lifestyle (partially thanks to its public services, occupying 8th place in Europe).

If there is one relevant city in relation to its educational offer it is Barcelona, indexed in the top 3 in Europe in terms of professional development and postgraduate education. Barcelona is distinguished, among other reasons, for its specialised training, the position of its business schools in European rankings and the possibilities available to executive profiles. Overall, Barcelona occupies 19th position.
Four challenges for growth

Madrid and Barcelona share several indicators on which to place focus in order to move up in the rankings. Pre-university education is one of the areas where both cities should focus future efforts, along with support for the entrepreneurial network. Also, the two cities’ main challenges include optimising the employment market and generating greater government and regulatory stability.
Copenhagen, London and Paris lead the ranking

Copenhagen ranks first in the overall index, mainly due to its capacity for research and innovation. London follows the Danish capital, leading in the Education category thanks to its universities, postgraduate opportunities and possibilities for professional development. Paris, the third-ranking city, leads the category of Excellence in business, mainly due to its professional network. Meanwhile, Dublin (13th) leads in the Economics and Public Policy category, and Oslo (8th) in Lifestyle.

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