Environmental policy

Environmental policy

At everis we have implemented an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 regulations as a sign of our strong commitment to respect for the environment.

We are a consulting, outsourcing and technology company, positioned in all sectors of the economic field and with presence in Europe, USA and Latin America. Thanks to our unique company model—firmly committed to talent and the creation of a context of responsible freedom—we pursue high professional performance. In short, we are a company comprising a team of good people who are good at what they do.

We have set ourselves the following targets:

  • Work respecting the environment.
  • Foster responsibility for the environment among our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Integrate factors related to the environment into our processes.
  • Comply with international, national, regional and local legislation in force on environmental issues and with other requirements undertaken by the organization related to environmental aspects—even going beyond the standards whenever possible.
  • Identify the environmental impacts stemming from the company’s business and establish plans aimed at their elimination.
  • Prevent pollution by minimizing our consumption of natural resources, disposing of our waste responsibly and recycling the materials we use. 
  • Define and review our environmental targets to ensure they are adequate and viable.
  • Continuously improve the environmental management system and its implementation.

everis management approves and supports this policy and will provide the necessary resources for its deployment and follow-up.

April 2018

Alfonso Jose García-Lozano Martin


The everis environmental management system is applicable to all activities carried out in the following offices:

  • Madrid: Edificio Albor Plaza, en Avenida de Manoteras, 52 28050 Madrid  (España)
  • Madrid: Camino Fuente de la Mora, 1, Planta 4 28050 Madrid (España)
  • Sevilla: C/ Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, 2 Edificio Torre Sevilla, 41092 Sevilla (España)
  • Londres: UK House, 180 Oxford Street, London W1D 1NN
  • Segovia: Avenida de los Gremios Segovianos 3,  40195 Hontoria-Segovia (España)

and which may have an impact on the environment:

    • Consultancy on strategy and business processes, information technologies and Outsourcing of software and business service.
    • Project Management, analysis, design, development, test and implementation of information systems and activities if technical assistance and maintenance of these systems.
  • EVERIS INGENIERÍA: Consultancy Technical Services.
  • EVERIS AEROESPACIAL, DEFENSA Y SISTEMAS DE SEGURIDAD: Military and civil solutions/products/systems consulting, technical assistance, engineering, design, development, integration, configuration, manufacturing, Delivery, installation, post-sales service and maintenance, including hardware, firmware and software.
  • TORO VES: Military and civil solutions/ products/ systems integration, configuration, manufacturing, delivery, installation, post-sales service and maintenance, including hardware, firmware and software.