DLT Workgroup Launch – Utilities event at Abbey Road

DLT Workgroup Launch – Utilities event at Abbey Road

A wise man from Ancient China, Lao Tzu (Founder of Taoism) once said ‘A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’.

You may recognise this crossing, it is the world’s most  celebrated ‘pedestrian crossing’, which leads up to Abbey road studios situated in North London.

One of the greatest rock & roll bands of all time once stood and posed in a hot August summer of 1969. Whilst the poor photographer balanced precariously on a stepladder to capture the iconic shot, which would be used as the cover sleeve for their album ‘Abbey Road’.

It would be the last time all four bandmates would record an album together, which most likely skyrocketed them from the greatest group of all time to musical legends.

Although the band would dissolve in 1970, it was the beginning of something, a change of direction in their journey, which ultimately led the band to ‘cult status’. Even the photograph drew a bit of a conspiracy theory regarding ‘McCartney’s choice to rid himself of socks and shoes. (You can read all about that online).

It is the beginning of something new and innovative for everis and our collaborators ‘R3’ in this event.  For a start, this will be a once in a lifetime experience to breathe and walk in the exact same building, where the greats of the music industry composed and sang the words that touched our hearts and changed the world. A thousand miles begins with a single step in the right direction and will open the door for us to effectively change the world.