Delighted to announce the expansion of our everis family

Delighted to announce the expansion of our everis family

We are delighted with our continued growth at everis UK. This month alone our family grew by another 27 people across our offices in London and Glasgow.

We are expanding most of our sectors due to starting a number of new, exciting client projects in Technology, Outsourcing, Utilities, Industry, Insurance, Banking. To manage all this growth, we also hiring more people for our business support areas.

What delights us most is the wide variety of people joining us. They come from all walks of life; energetic, positive people with amazingly interesting educational backgrounds, like industrial engineering, mining and energy engineering, digital evidences and cybercrime fighting and Balkan studies.

They have gained experience around the globe – in the US, Germany, Spain, to name a few countries, and are now committed to share the attitude at everis UK. It might be an adjustment for some who, I quote “are from Gran Canaria and love the sun and the beach”.

We hope that their array of hobbies keeps them distracted from the Glasgow and London weather. Who is up for a spot of archery, wood carving, dancing, sketching, yoga-ing, bouldering, gardening, crypto currency-ing or just some plain old reading?

Welcome to all our new people!